Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goodbye Jason Liberto!

Jason, the promotions director at Journal (where I work) has resigned to take a job in Phoenix at one of the rock stations there.

We celebrated with a little goodbye party at Sir Veza's on Speedway Friday evening.

Here are the photos!

Jason reads the card everyone signed, Rik laughs

Some of the people at the party on the Sir Veza's patio

Rik waits for his margarita.
I just noticed that Sir Veza's puts fruit on most every glass

Allison and Jason

Jessica and Rik

Jody and Steve chat it up

Jody, Taryn, Steve, Ina and Jessica

Jessica, Ina, Taryn, Will and Jason... Stacey on the right (with some guy).

Jody, Ryan, our server, Steve (with his date in the foreground) and Jared

Ryan, Steve, Jared, Jessica, Ina and Will

Hello ladies!  Jessica, Ina and Taryn
Liz, Ryan and Will behind them

Allison, Leslie and scary Jason

Candid photos rule.
Allison, Jason and Leslie

Allison, Jason and Leslie

Allison weirded out by Jason's tongue, Jason, Jason's tongue, and Leslie

Jessica, Ina, Jason, Taryn and Will