Sunday, March 18, 2012

Safeway and Walmart: A shopping adKENture

Today's big adventure was grocery shopping with Anthony.

He's amazing with clipping and organizing coupons, remembering what we need, and the money part.  My big contribution to the shopping trip is pushing the cart (sometimes), putting posts on Twitter and Facebook while at the store, searching for new and unusual products, and taking photos.  I take my responsibility seriously!

Today's shopping trip included Safeway at Grant Road and Craycroft and Walmart Neighborhood Market at Grant and Alvernon Way.

The photos!

A cold rainy day looking north from Safeway at Grant and Craycroft with clouds over the mountains

Anthony - pushing a cart - armed with coupons

The milk cooler is made by Anthony!

Anthony makes coupon organization an art.

FUN cupcakes with filling in da-middles

Silly Circles cereal!
A green alien has captured two Silly Circles.
Those clever aliens.

I saw a commercial on TV for Ritz Crackerfuls.
They look festive.

The Drumstick people have gotten smart and make them now with sprinkles.

Next stop on the shopping trip:  Walmart Neighborhood Market at Grant and Alvernon

My least favorite:  The salad department

Reminds me of a date I've had!

Awww... they ARE cuties!

IHOP at home!

Dora the Explorer cereal.
Nothing says 'good morning' like a mouthful of Dora!

Happy Easter!

Birthday Cake Oreos.
One of the best Oreo inventions ever.

Angry Birds Fruit Snacks
How handy -- they make a dotted line around the character on the front so you can cut it out.

These Pooh plush things seem a wee bit horny!