Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Employee Appreciation Lunch 2012

We had what has become the annual employee appreciation lunch at work today.  Barbecue and the fixins (what the heck are fixins anyway) from the Hog Pit catered to us at work.

Last year, we had the lunch on a day when it sunny but extremely cold.  They moved it a few weeks later this year and then when today arrived... it turned out sunny and cold.  Odd coincidence.  But, it was moved indoors this time so there was no danger of turning into a KENsickle.

And now, the photos:

It does a body good.

Aunt Hattie has nice soft buns.

Macaroni salad, potato salad, and cold slaw.
The potato salad in the middle had "JB" on it in onions (for "Journal Broadcast")

Cookies and apple cobbler... for the win!

A few of my wonderful co-workers waiting in line.

Steve Nunez at the front of the line.
Meat on his bun and a pencil in his ear... that's how he rolls.

Stacy didn't want his picture taken.
I did it anyway.
I rule.

Let's eat!