Monday, March 19, 2012

Tucson's spring sure seems like winter

Today was the last day of winter in Tucson.  Normally the weather is wonderful this time of year with high's in the mid to upper 70's and mostly sunny days.

We got a last (hopefully its the last) blast of winter.  We didn't make it to 50 degrees today and a bunch of areas of the Tucson metro got rain, sleet and snow.  Snow is an unusual event (maybe once a year if even) so it got Tucsonans buzzing.

We had a brief sleet shower at the TV station today and I grabbed my camera and tried to get the effect with a still photo against a dark background so you could see it.  I ended up pointing the lens under a production van in the rear parking lot.

But, I got the shot.

Its no easy feat... getting a picture of sleet.