Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working in media can be dangerous!

You've probably heard of Dr. Drew.  He is on the syndicated radio show Loveline, he's starred in the Celebrity Rehab series on VH1, plus numerous talk show appearances.  He's a doctor, too. is reporting that a man (Charles Pearson) who allegedly threatened to murder Dr. Drew's family was arrested today and charged with felony stalking.

Mr. Pearson has been sending Dr. Drew threatening messages over the internet including one in which Pearson said he would kill Dr. Drew's children and make his wife eat them.  Pearson also claims Dr. Drew has placed a tracking device in his genitals.  (I thought only wives did that to their husbands).

It never occurs to me that there is a possibility I could ever encounter someone like that.  I have a public job but it doesn't occur to me that there could be dangers like crazy people.

My biggest worry is a bad hair day!