Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Folding a burrito

I posted a Tweet tonight (twitter.com/kencarr) about my frustration with folding a burrito.

I made myself a breakfast burrito for dinner.  I cooked some eggs (for those of you who know me its probably shocking I know how to turn a stove on) and added some precooked bacon, a little salsa, and some cheese.  Nothing rockstar about it.

I went to fold it and the damn thing split wide open.  I've seen the hard workin' folks at Taco Bell do it from my side of the counter and they always come out perfect.  I try it, and end up eating my burrito with a knife and fork because the tortilla splits and the contents spill onto the plate.

I did a YouTube search hoping I'd find a video that illustrates the proper way to do it.  Unfortunately, the best example I found was the video below.  After watching it I decided I'll keep trying but I will undoubtedly still keep the knife and fork handy.