Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two men and a freezer

I live in an apartment complex near Tucson Mall.  I've been in this apartment since spring of 2007.  I like living here and the management has always been wonderful.

I've had a variety of neighbors during that time which is pretty normal for apartments.

The neighbors that currently live across from me in the one bedroom have been interesting to say the least.

Two guys live there.  I assume one of them sleeps on the couch.  They regularly have their music loud during the day and have a couple of dogs including a big spotted dog and a little chihuahua.  They sit outside their front door smoking weed a lot and have over the usual string of trashy girls that guys like that usually do.

Tonight's episode of their going's on has been the funniest yet.

One of them drives a little blue pickup and installs satellite dishes.  He apparently bought a freezer and had it in the back of the truck.  He decided that it wouldn't be convenient to have it carried from the parking lot.  So, he backed it up over the curb and over the landscaped rocks and sidewalks up to their front door.  Not once, not twice, but three different times.  Twice they attempted to unload it but for some reason I'll never know they were unsuccessful.  I thought maybe they couldn't fit it through the door but the third time was the charm.  I had to laugh though because taking it through the door on the third attempt caused one of them to smash their hand.

The kitchens in these apartments aren't big enough for a full size freezer.  So, I'm guessing it'll be taking up a chunk of their living room.  They barbecue often so I'm going with the assumption that they are going to keep their meat in there.

Both of them have mentioned to me when I've seen them outside that they are moving this summer to North Carolina.  Maybe its more normal to have a full size freezer in your living room there!

Here's the freezer in the truck: