Monday, March 15, 2010

Tommy's Erection

I'm going to state this at the beginning of this post:  It's not what you think.

My drive to work today included rolling by the under construction Quik Trip on Kolb just east of Tanque Verde.  I glanced over and saw a truck with a boom on the top putting up the canopied cover over where the gas tanks are going to be.  On the side of the boom it said "Tommy's Erection".


A little Google search confirmed what I thought.  Tommy's Erection is a company that erects things like the canopy at that Quik Trip.  I would have been late if I had stopped and taken a picture of the truck so you'll have to take my word for it that is what was on the side of the boom.

I think its a tee-hee moment to think that someone would, on purpose, name their company Tommy's Erection.  Tommy's Erection doesn't have a website so Tommy's Erection can't be very big.  But, I have to say that Tommy's Erection was working very hard when I spotted Tommy's Erection.

I can imagine the phone conversations at that business.  "Hello, Tommy's Erection.  Yes, we do erections.  Is that a difficult place to get to?  That might be a hard erection."

If you want something that's laying down put up then call Tommy's Erection.