Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is over.

I have always felt a little funny about Valentine's Day. If you love someone then you should show it every day in some special way. The fact that a day was created by someone (who probably didn't get much love in their own life) to highlight that seems kind of silly to me.

I did have a nice Valentine's though. As always, there were Ken moments. The highlights:

I had a live broadcast on Saturday night at Monsoon Nightclub at Desert Diamond Casino. We are normally there on Fridays so it was kind of a special deal. They had the "Old School Love Jams Band" which included members of Slave, LTD, and a guy who was with The Delphonics for a while. It was a good show and the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves.

Anth came with me. He was super tired but toughed it out. We got a couple drinks in the casino and I won $40 on the Red Hot Jackpots slot machine. Clap clap clap.

Sunday was sleep in day. The original plan was to go for Sunday brunch but we slept in too late. So, we ended up going to BJ's for a late lunch. I had grilled shrimp tacos. I had never tried them and they were amazing. I always have trouble finding food at restaurants that doesn't make me feel over full and I end up belching up whatever I ate for hours. I think I just found what I'll be ordering at BJ's from now on.

There was a funny moment while we were eating lunch. We had a table near the front door and two priests walked in (sounds like the beginning of a tasteless joke!). They were dressed in these flowing priest outfits that sort of looked like dresses. I couldn't help but Tweet on Twitter jokes about it. Its not often you see priests out having some BJ's!

We had dropped off a couple of prescriptions at Walgreen's to be filled while we had lunch. I am still having lingering effects of the bacterial skin infection I got weeks ago so I'm going through another round of antibiotics. Dr. Maximov thought I may have gotten it from nicking myself shaving. Only I would be so lucky. I also am going to try a new blood pressure medication.

The doc wanted me to get a blood pressure machine to get a series of readings before starting the new medication so there would be a starting point to be able to tell how its working. I've written blogs about the blood pressure adventures on my Myspace blog back in the day so if you're dying to read all that you can check it out on my Myspace blog.

Anth was determined to make sure I got the prescriptions filled and the blood pressure gadget. I had been blowing it off because I get busy and that kind of stuff takes time. Since I had the day off I had the time to deal with it and he apparently doesn't want me to have a heart attack. Isn't that nice?

I was horrified to discover that blood pressure gadgets are expensive. Everything medical is expensive. The medical profession continues to be the greatest ripoff in history. $50 to $100 dollars for that? I wasn't going to waste good money on that.

Then, on a whim I decided to see if it could be charged to my Health Savings Account card. Cha ching! I bought the stupid thing.

I got the prescriptions, the blood pressure gadget, and then we went back to my apartment so I could learn how to use the thing. Its pretty odd. I put it on my arm and push a button and it saves the last 120 readings for two different people.

Here's a funny thing: I sat at home tonight working on a few projects for work on my laptop and had a couple of beers. My blood pressure is way higher after two beers than it was before the two beers. I had a cinnamon roll and a donut earlier tonight and it was lower after eating those. The conclusion I've drawn is: More fat and sugar makes less blood pressure.

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. I have to work on President's Day (my company doesn't consider Presidents important enough to give us a day off) so its a regular workday for me. If you have the day off I hope you enjoy it!