Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ken Carr gets eaten by giant head

Ok, I actually DIDN'T get eaten by a giant head.

But, we had a little fun with a green screen!

Here's what happened:

We were shooting pieces a few weeks ago for the Mega Movie on the CW Tucson.  We did this episode in front of the green screen where the weather forecast is normally displayed on the KGUN 9 news set since I had a guest with me (a gypsy from the Arizona Renaissance Festival).

A poster from the Renaissance Festival was displayed behind us thanks to computer / TV magic.  Mark stepped in front of the camera where the poster was being shot to be displayed behind us, and it created the image on the TV screen of us about to be attacked by a giant head (Mark's).  Of course, the gypsy and I hammed it up a bit and here's the result of the screen capture (thanks to Mark Herman):