Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meeting Dr. Maximov

I spent a part of my day yesterday at the doctor's office.

I've had a primary care physician since I moved to Tucson and I was never really happy with her. She seems to be a good doctor but I found myself disappointed with the experience of going to see her. We never really hit it off. For me, if I'm paying fat bank to get medical care you should be kind enough to laugh at my jokes and accomodate my wishes.

I put a Tweet up on Twitter asking for doctor recommendations about a month ago. I ended up getting a suggestion from a doctor I follow on Twitter. I figured that was a solid recommend since usually someone recommending another person in their same business works well.

I made the appointment and yesterday had my first visit with Dr. Michael Maximov.

His office is about ten minutes from the radio station but across town from where I live. I looked up the location on Google Maps and then made the mistake of not printing that information out (oops). I ended up driving out into the middle of nowhere before calling and realizing I was lost. In a rare moment for me I had left early so in case I got lost I wouldn't be late for the appointment. I ended up walking in on time instead of early. I know myself better than I think I know myself!

I like the guy. He's pretty up front, was able to address my concerns, and had me stay when the appointment after mine got cancelled to add on a general physical. I'm not suffering anything mind blowing or life threatening. Just needed to get checked up on a skin issue I have and get a relationship established. I walked out with a couple of prescriptions and he's taking a pretty cool approach to bringing my blood pressure down a bit. He did tell me I'm in good health and the little voice in my head said "yaaay!" One other note: I did like the approach he had when I got there. We sat in his actual office so he could ask some questions and have a normal conversation before any examining stuff occured. That was good.

Social networking once again was a win. I have gotten many things accomplished thanks to the connections made on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook and finding a new doctor can now be added to that list!