Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Big 5-0 thousand

I experienced a milestone moment (for me) recently: @whatsuptucson, the Twitter account I have that is largely Tucson informational based, hit 50,000 followers. It's been seven years in the making.

It's a Twitter that posts car crashes and crime incidents around town, plus lost and found pets, and some other local stuff of note. I also do radio segments on 104.1fm and 106.3fm on Fridays highlighting local events to go see and do each weekend branded with @whatsuptucson.

The account has one of the largest Twitter followings in the Tucson area. For a metropolitan area of approximately one million, that's five percent of the population. I read once that it's tougher to get numbers of size on Twitter because the total audience is smaller than Facebook but I prefer Twitter for a few reasons. The biggest one is that unlike Facebook pages, unless you pay Facebook to promote your page, a post on FB typically is seen by about ten percent of the people who have liked the page. That restriction is not in place on Twitter.

So, it's rah rah rah for me. And thanks to anyone who has ever followed @whatsuptucson. It's a lot of hard work and you make it worthwhile.

As far as a typical Sunday, I went to the grocery store alone tonight because Anthony wanted to catch up on watching TV. He always says he's going to make a dent in watching what he's saved on TiVo but he's got over a thousand hours of shows on the drive and never makes a dent. I gave up a long time ago wanting to record anything because he immediately wants me to watch whatever it is so he can delete it. Then, he can record more shows he won't watch. I've never met anyone who wants to watch TV more than he does. He'd never leave the house if he could work it out, it would be him in his recliner in his underwear 24/7 staring at the screen and talking to the characters on the shows (who can't seem to hear him, imagine that). As for me, I am a part of creating TV for people to watch but don't watch that much really. I like the process of the creation and management of TV programming far more than the actual watching. Go figure.

Meow Mix down on the ground at Walmart Market.

A bag of Twix trying to make a getaway.

Gourmet dinner for Ken tonight: Taco Bell bean burrito
Not exciting to look at but it sure is tasty
which sounds like a date I've had.