Sunday, September 25, 2016

A hershey bar abandoned on a pork rinds display

I was just thinking that, outside of work, that I've spent more time at home this year than I ever have. I suppose that is what happens when you get old. Even going to the grocery store becomes an event.

I thought I was going to the store alone again tonight for the Sunday shop but Anthony changed his mind at the last minute and he came with me. We ate at Culver's and then hit Walmart Neighborhood Market.

He made a joke today that I get a little too excited when I find misplaced items to take a picture of. I find the random nature of things left where they aren't supposed to be pretty amusing.

Anthony's dinner at Culver's.
He ate a 20 piece McNuggets earlier in the day and several candy bars so he ate light.

Almost my age.... almost.

Cheddar Bacon Pasta Salad
I decided to try this in lieu of potato salad this week.
Can't go wrong with cheddar and bacon in anything.

Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake Mix with candy bits
If this could be made into a costume, I'd wear it.

Egg rolls left with the lemonade.

Energy drink left on this cracker display.

Acrylic French Nails left on a soda display.

A can of Ol' Roy dog food left with the dry dog food.

A candy bar left on a display of Pork Rinds.
(a stoner's idea of delicious)

A two-fer: A potato wedge and a box of beef broth mix
left on a soda cooler case at the check out.

Garbage bags left on the candy display at the check out.
Gosh, someone could mistake that for candy.