Thursday, September 8, 2016

Anatomy of a hurricane in Tucson

We dealt with the remnants of Hurricane Newton this week in Tucson. We're far away from water so we don't get a real hurricane, but the storm systems sometimes make it up here from hurricanes that make landfall off of Baja California (the west coast of Mexico).

Lots of humidity, lots of rain, a little wind. It caused some minor street flooding and puddles in my backyard.

We will rebuild.

Rain falling over the foothills north of Tucson
as seen looking north from Speedway and Kolb

It's faint, but you can see a rainbow
over my neighbor's house to the east

Rain from Hurricane Newton caused puddles in my backyard

Another puddle

And, another puddle

And, even more puddle(s)

This house doesn't have gutters so water just
falls off the roof when it rains

Looking north from the backyard and low clouds
completely obscured the mountains
I usually call a hurricane a "HurriKEN" and when I did that
on Facebook, my friend Jacque made me this graphic and posted it.
Funniest thing I'd seen in a while.
Watch out for a HurriKEN, it makes everyone wet.