Sunday, August 28, 2016

Junior Mints hot cocoa and a moonwalk for vitamins

The dumb moment of the weekend happened today. I was out doing my usual weekend yard work and while trimming some bushes I sliced into the extension cord with the electric bush trimmer. It's the third extension cord I've cut this year. It had some exciting fireworks for a moment when sparks started flying. Fortunately, I didn't electrocute myself. Sometime this week I'll be making another trip to Lowe's to buy a new cord. This time I'll be looking for one that's made of Kevlar.

Anthony has settled into his new two job routine, one full time and one part time. The joy on his face when he saw the deposit into his bank account on Friday was priceless. It's nice to see him enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He and I had dinner at Culver's today (so he could get ice cream with dinner) and then shopped for this week's groceries at Walmart Neighborhood Market. Our usual Sunday routine.

I'm going to finish this blog post, iron a few shirts for the early part of the work week, and head to bed.  I have a full week of a totally boring routine ahead.

Anthony's ice cream, cheese curds,
my fries and a cute little cheeseburger at Culver's.

If poo was made into ice cream, it would look like this.

If poo was spread onto cookies, it would look like this.

Tootsie Roll hot cocoa, Junior Mints hot cocoa, and
Sugar Babies hot cocoa.
Call and make a dentist appointment right now because
you'll need it with these cavity makers in a box.

Totino's Pizza Sticks: "60 seconds to awesome"
Sounds like a date I've had.

Imagine if you will.... the conversation in the conference room at Disney
that led to these:
"What else can we brand the "Frozen" movie with? Any ideas?
I know, turkey sausage sticks from Old Wisconsin!
Because when you think of "Frozen" you think of
Turkey Sausage Sticks."

Brightly colored balls.
Sounds like a date I've had.

It's still August and shockingly, the Halloween foods
are appearing on the shelves.

Tortillas left with the English Muffins.

Abandoned Craisins on the Zebra Brownies.

Unwanted marshmallows left on the Little Debbie Shortcake Rolls.

Anthony does the moonwalk while picking out some vitamins.
The D in Vitamin D stands for Dance.