Sunday, August 14, 2016

Taco Bell at sunset

A shout out to Ron W. He sent me a super nice (and rather detailed) e-mail explaining how he found my blog while searching for photos of El Taco. Since I've shot photos at El Taco Tote while eating there, he found this blog basically accidentally. He said he enjoyed seeing the photos and the crap I write, which brings to a total of four people who have ever said that. That's a significant increase from three. I'll be arranging a parade down Main Street to celebrate the occasion.

I was so exhausted from work this week that I spent most of Saturday in a state of perpetual napping. I did watch the new episode of Cops last night on Spike TV, that helped make it seem like a productive day.

Today was another several hours in the yard chopping down the grassweeds in 100 degree weather, picking up Lucky's poop, and spraying what seemed to be an explosion of weeds that have grown in the last seven days thanks to help from some rain. Eight gallons of weed killer later I'm hopeful that the weed-o-rama will calm down by next weekend.

Anthony stayed home today so I was at the grocery store solo and instead of a sit down dinner I made a run through a Taco Bell drive thru. I've eaten bean burritos at many restaurants over the years and Taco Bell still makes the best tasting ones. Give me a chicken Chalupa, a bean burrito, and some tasty waves... and I'll be fine.

Seven days ago this area was all rock and no weeds.
Today I sprayed the crap out of those suckers.
I have about a million dollars in sweat equity in this yard
and it's still ugly as hell.

The green isn't supposed to be on the left side of the line of rocks.
Die you bastard weeds, die... since I've drowned you
in gallons of delicious poison.

A wide shot of the yard from hell.
It's also Lucky's toilet.

Ken Carr Photo Art:
I call this "Taco Bell at Sunset"
The Broadway and Camino Seco location in Tucson.

I have zero interest in politics but this made me laugh...
The National Enquirer at the Walmart Market check out:
"Hillary gains 103 pounds! Eating herself to death!"
Stupid stupid stupid.