Sunday, August 21, 2016

Deep Fried Twinkies and a string of caramel

The weather this week has started getting cooler. Although, cooler is relative. We've had more days in the 90's than 100's and the last two nights I turned the blower on the swamp cooler to low at night because it was getting cold in the house. It'll likely be mid-October before we bring the space heaters back out so we are not even close to the end of warm weather.

Some actual excitement in my neighborhood tonight. Someone was murdered (shot) two blocks from where I live. We were at the grocery store tonight when the police responded so I didn't get to hear the sirens. Of course I don't wish for murders in my neighborhood. But, it's so quiet all of the time that the little part of me that craves excitement that has happened around some of the other places that I've lived caused my heart to beat a bit faster. As of this writing, they're looking for the person who did the shooting.

I didn't do any yard work this weekend. The grassweeds grew much slower than in recent weeks so I think there won't be a jungle from skipping a weekend in the backyard.

Anthony came with me today to eat at Culver's and to do some grocery shopping. It was nice having him along. I am always a little sad when I have to go on the Sunday excursion alone. That also meant I had the opportunity to take more photos today.

Anthony's back!
This is his turtle sundae at Culver's and a sign declaring his age.

Cheese curds for Anthony, burger and fries for Ken

There's an art to getting a string of caramel disconnected
so it can be placed in your mouth without making a mess.

I violated this bottle of Cran-Grape drink...
at least, according to the label I did.

This honey was so raw and unfiltered
that it wouldn't stop swearing and
told me exactly how it felt about me.

Air freshener left with bottled water.

Lookin' like a fool with this sign on the ground.

Jet Puffed Marshmallows on the floor.

Junior Mints abandoned on Nutella.

Anthony abandoned this four pack of Red Bull with the popcorn.

Hostess DEEP FRIED Twinkies in the freezer section.
You put them in the oven and bake them.
We bought 'em, are you kidding?

Well, hello there, Hello.

Anthony took the cart back to the cart corral.
He prefers to do it because he says I take too long.
I find it fun so I enjoy the experience.
He doesn't understand the joy I get from mundane tasks.