Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tucson radio ratings: Down down down

The latest radio ratings came out for Tucson yesterday.

The ratings work on a 90 day rolling average.  Each month a new number is posted.  The oldest month drops off, the newest month is added.

I posted a few weeks ago that it was ironic the last ratings I was responsible for at Mega resulted in the biggest numbers the station had since 2008.

The new number today was a bit satisfying.

106.3 fell from 8th to 11th.  A 3.7 share to a 2.9.  Its a 90 day rolling average so it had to have crashed and burned badly in October for it to fall that far.

I'm torn about it.  Its easy to say things like "See, it was a stupid decision" or "Screw them, that's what they deserve" but I don't think like that.  The decision made was based on research.  Where it went wrong is that the research was poorly interpreted.  I wasn't in a position to influence that.  I may have nearly 25 years of experience in media but my opinion wasn't important.

The station needs to do well so there aren't more people like me that end up unemployed.  There are people that stuck their neck out deciding this was the best course of action.  I don't want anyone else to deal with what myself, Rosemary and Dino did.

Since I don't have responsibility for that anymore I can KENjoy the aftermath.  It makes no difference in my life anymore.  I'm not employed there.  I can just watch the car fall off the cliff.

See the numbers:  Click here