Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi / Goodbye Party

I was let go from my last job on October 5.

A custom at my old job is to have a goodbye party.  There was so much work left for my old co-workers after my departure that they just got around to having the party.  I've moved on to my new job at Fox 11 but it was nice to hang out with some of my former co-workers for a night.

The party was at Nimbus Bistro on Tanque Verde.  Its only five blocks from where I live so it worked out great.  I had never been there before and the place is nice.

Now, onto the part you really want to see... the Kenparazzi photos!

Dino (eating a chicKEN wing), Rob, and Leslie

Bianca and Anthony

Jason (hey, nice tongue), Terri, Ina and Holly

Chris, my new sweater, JP, and Jason

Holly, my new sweater, Terri and Ina

My tongue is legendary.
Terri experienced the legend.

Chris, my tongue, and JP.
JP's had my tongue before.

My new sweater, Rob, Leslie, and Jason.
Jason drinking two fisted makes him very very happy.

Holly was annoyed I wasn't paying enough attention to her.
No, you're not high maintenance.

Nimbus makes some bitchin' nachos.

Fresh appetizers, Leslie, Holly and Terri.

Leslie has a little trouble with her appetizer.
Meanwhile, Holly gives me a death stare and Terri points.

Bianca and Anthony with Anthony's birthday eve cheesecake.
If you believe the candle arrangement Anthony is turning one year old.

Blow little Anthony... blow.

Rosemary and Holly.
Hello divas.

My new sweater, cold drinks, and Anthony.
I would have displayed the drink label but they didn't pay me.

Leslie's signature drink move portrayed by Anthony and Bianca.

Will and Leslie as Leslie performs her signature drinking move.

Selena and my new sweater.
I was apparently attempting to keep the counter from floating away.

Anthony sticking something into his mouth.
I took this too early. You should have seen when it was deeper.

I'm an onion ring angel.

Jim, Dino and Leslie.

Leslie and Anthony take their signature photo together.

Leslie and Anthony's signature photo together with a bonus "haaaay" by Leslie.