Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jury duty update

Earlier this year I was called to jury duty.

I spent one day there.  I was dismissed from the jury pool because I recognized the case being presented.  I had heard the initial call on the scanner and watched the live report on KGUN9.

Fast forward to now:  It turns out the defendant in the case was found guilty.  He had killed someone at the Candy Store strip club (which is called something else these days... located at 22nd and Craycroft).

The Arizona Daily Star just reported that the murderer received twelve years in prison for the crime.

I know that jury duty is important but I'm glad I didn't end up having to serve more than one day.  It would have been difficult to not be biased in this case.  I suppose its the challenge of working in media.  I'm hyper-sensitive to events that occur around Tucson.  It doesn't make me a good jury candidate.

Here's the story of the sentencing from the Arizona Daily Star:  Click here