Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unemployed Tour 2011: Pride at Kino Stadium

After visiting the Bud Light Fan Camp, I walked across the parking lot to Kino Stadium (where the Tucson Padres play baseball) and checked out the Tucson Pride festival.

I've attended pride festivals before in Tucson (the people watching is oh soooo good) but they were at Reid Park in midtown before.  This is the first year they've moved it to Kino Stadium.

Photos?  Oh yes.

Music stage

Festival from the field looking toward home plate

Don't know who these performers were but they were singing rock cover songs

Looking toward the stage


Scott pimpin' beer tickets

Hugs are apparently being held captive because this guy wants to free them

She dressed up



View of the field

Beer is popular at these things... and vendor booths

The stands


One of the dance tents

Christian brought his poodle. It even had manicured toenails.

Michael and Chris

Shawn and Rick. I interuped Shawn eating a weiner.

Shawn eats the weiner. I take a picture. The end.

Too weird not to take a picture.

Francisco (middle) poses for a photo with that festive guy.

Perfect pride combo: Barbecue sandwich and a jello shot!