Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unemployed Tour 2011: KAMP Radio

I was asked to be a guest today on KAMP Radio, the student run radio station at the University of Arizona.

I have great love for college radio.  I didn't finish college or ever get to work on a college station. I have been privileged to have an occasional guest spot on a college station thanks to my career to share the experience of working in radio and media.

College radio is awesome.  At most stations the students get to program their own shows (which makes them Program Directors in a way), create their own content, learn the art of running studio equipment, and how to deal with performance pressure behind a microphone.

I was on with Greg a.k.a. Dr. Gonzo for an hour and was interviewed about my career, the business, and other randomness relating to radio.  We also briefly chatted about my fabulous hair!  A big thank you to Dr. Gonzo for the chance to be on!

Greg a.k.a. Dr. Gonzo in the KAMP Radio studio

Greg, Ken Carr, Mike

Outside of the studios. They have an amazing music library (and posters too).

This is Scott. He sat in during the interview. It was his last day as an intern.
Now he gets his own show as Scotty B. Fresh.