Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tucson Oktoberfest 2011 at Hi Corbett Field

I've been doing a live broadcast at the Tucson Oktoberfest at Hi Corbett Field for a few years now.  I was there again this year.

This year's photos: (click on photos to KENlarge)

Tucson radio legends Alan Cook and Alan Michaels

Lauryn and Jessica show off prizes at the Mega tent

They fold like they have worked at The Gap

Spin the wheel for prizes

Arts and crafts booths

View toward center field. Those are food booths.

They pitched a huge tent!

Mega and kettle corn. Delicious combination.

That's photojournalist Craig Mills and reporter Corinne Hautata from KGUN 9.
I work with them. They were doing a story on Oktoberfest.

Arts and crafts booths in right field

Spin to win

A couple of biker types spin the wheel

They're hoping to win a prize

Did I win? Did I win?

Still giving away prizes

Arf arf arf.

I thought this was a Halloween costume. Turns out thats what she normally wears.

I used to work with Corey. He was at Oktoberfest shooting photos for a college class.
I decided to shoot him first.

Corey looking very photographer like.

Two of Tucson's finest. And a woman. They're obviously security detail for her mom jeans.

This little guy was very energetic.

They were performing a German dance of some kind.

Fun inflatable kid thingys.

Their milkshake brought these boys to the yard.

Random family enjoying Oktoberfest

Why isn't my name on this sign? Don't they know who I am?

Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

I called these two "The Injury Twins". Get well soon... whatever happened to you.

Cotton candy. Om nom nom.

This is the rear view of St. Pauli Girl 2011 Jessica England.

St. Pauli Girl 2011 Jessica England. She hadn't even started signing autographs and
was already poking her eyes out.

Ken Carr and St. Pauli Girl 2011 Jessica England.
I will never tell you what I was doing with my left hand.
What happens at Oktoberfest stays at Oktoberfest.

St. Pauli Girl 2011 Jessica England signs autographs.
Her milkshake brought all these boys to the yard.

Jessica, Lauryn and Alan check out the entertainment under the giant white tent.

If he becomes a big star one day I will be selling this photo for big bucks.

Oktoberfest is a German festival.
This didn't look German to me.

Tables, umbrellas, chairs and grass.

Tucson is famous for inflatable children's jumping things to fly away in the wind.
These looked pretty anchored down. So far, so good at the time this photo was taken.


View of the stands at Hi Corbett.

I wish I could win this. It would totally score hotties. And bird droppings on my head.

Outside view of Hi Corbett field.