Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Men and a Mystery

I've written several blog posts about my neighbors who live across from me in the one bedroom apartment.  Oh boy!  Here's another one!

These are the neighbors that have driven on the sidewalk, had a freezer shuttle in and out of their apartment (which has occupied a parking space), cranked up tons of late night parties, subjected me and everyone else to loud music, and I've had to hear through my door discussions about bullets (apparently they're hunters).  They're nice but have had no concept of being respectful of neighbors in adjacent apartments who aren't into selling meat out of a freezer while stoned.

There is now a mystery that has developed about those two guys.

The older of the two celebrated his 32nd birthday this past weekend.  I know this because he told me that he was "an old man" (I'm 43 so I tuned that part out).

He and his roommate along with some other people celebrated his birthday at the apartment complex pool.  They invited me to this party and I knew that was a bad idea to attend.  I can usually smell the bad idea parties a mile away.

The first day of this party I saw and talked to him while I was out on my patio and he offered me and Anthony (who was over) cheesecake.  He was quite sunburned and had obviously been enjoying his birthday festivities.  Anthony doesn't like cheesecake so we passed.

Flash forward to Sunday night.  I was at the radio station doing my usual Sunday night list of tasks and listening to the Tucson police scanner online and I heard a dispatcher announce a call to my apartment complex pool due to a "loud party".  I can't verify this for sure but I think there is a good chance it was my neighbors.

I did hear on the scanner that they ran someone's ID from that police call and the person whose ID they ran had some sort of warrant.  Was it one of my neighbors?  I think its possible.

The mystery is underway.

The last few days something has changed next door.  Its been remarkably quiet over there.  I did hear music coming from that apartment but it was pretty low on Tuesday.  The other nights this week its been non-existent.  The guy who I know is still there for sure had his driver's side window broken out in the parking lot because I overheard him telling someone that it happened outside of my bedroom window.  And, I haven't seen the endless parade of snanky girls who have been visiting in recent weeks.

Then tonight, I went to Circle K and when I came back there was a box sitting behind the car of one of my other neighbors that had a Dell logo on the side.  It was odd it was sitting there and curiosity got the best of me so I looked inside of it.  It was filled with VHS videos.  I don't know why it was there or who it belongs to.  For some bizarre reason it wouldn't surprise me that it has something to do with the neighbors who have been a non-stop oddity compared to everyone else who lives near me.

I did find it amusing that the security company the complex has hired to patrol the place drove right past the box and didn't even stop to check it.  Its a rather large box.  Large enough for a computer to be shipped in.

This is the same security company who had a guard talking on her cell phone on the other side of the wall in the vacant lot a couple nights ago when I came home from work and seemed shocked when I pulled into the driveway because she suddenly appeared.  I love my apartment complex and they try to have security to make everyone feel better but every time they hire a private security company its a total waste of money.  The only effective security they've ever had in the three years I've lived here is off duty Tucson Police but that's really expensive.  Hell, they should hire me and they'd get their money's worth more than they do with the flunkies that work for these companies they keep hiring.

I'm wondering if things will return to the silly ruckus I've been getting used to from my neighbors or if it'll be quieter from now on.  I'll keep you updated.