Monday, May 3, 2010

Two men and a freezer: Chapter 2

I told the story of my neighbors and their freezer back in March.  You can read the original post by clicking here.

I have been happier with them in the last couple of weeks.  I have not been home until late most nights due to work but they have at least been keeping their craziness for the most part inside of their apartment.  I don't know if they realized they were kind of disruptive to everyone who lived around them, someone said something to them which caused a decrease in their outside of their apartment noise, they have been busy with something else, or I've just missed their loud obnoxious behavior before I got home.  I'm grateful for the more reasonable way they've been functioning lately.  But, they are still kind of odd.

Over the weekend I have been wondering if they've given up on their little meat selling venture.  They used to transport the freezer in and out of their apartment after backing up their pickup truck onto the sidewalk in front of their door and now it appears they've taken a different approach.

They've now given the freezer its own parking space in the apartment complex parking lot.  Its been there all weekend.