Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Visit to Wendy's

I made a visit tonight to Wendy's for dinner. (I have a gift card! Getting me through 'til payday).

They have new $2.99 deluxe meals which are way awesome. Chicken and bacon sandwich, fries, & soda.

It turned into a little adventure. I decided to eat inside. They have a large picture board inside the Wendy's at Broadway & Kolb that makes each sandwich appear to be larger than my head. Then, while waiting in line, there was a brief dilemma by the people in front of me as to whether they should have small or large chili. It appeared to be a husband and wife or at least a couple and I think the female of the two had great fear that a large chili would create a gaseous anomaly in her bedroom later. They ended up with small.

The guy behind the counter was nice enough. He ended up having trouble running the gift card. After making the machine print out three feet of tape for some readout that had nothing to do with redeeming a gift card he finally nailed it and I was off to a table with my food.

The restaurant was relatively empty. I ended up two tables away from these two older gentlemen who were having a rather heated discussion about how much they could save on car insurance. They were verbally comparing the television advertisements they had seen for car insurance and the claims made on savings. "Allstate seems to be cheaper. No! Geico with that lizard! What about that old guy in the car? The General? Aww. That's just a cartoon. Cartoons can't save you money." That conversation then drifted into a lengthy discussion about which grocery store had cheaper bread.

A woman who looked about fifty and a girl who looked about eight came in. They ordered three chilis and a sandwich and got them to go. As they were leaving the girl's shoelaces were untied and when she went out the door she tripped on her laces and proceeded to fall face first. She didn't cry but got an earful from the woman about how even though her and her friends think untied shoelaces are cool she's going to break her face one day.

Public places are fun. Oh, and Wendy's, good call on putting Applewood Smoked Bacon on the chicken sandwich, plus tomato, cheese and lettuce.