Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009 kicked off on Wednesday November 25 with an awesome dinner with Anth and his mom Patty. The food and company were both KENtastic!

Thanksgiving Day I took Anth to the airport at the asscrack of dawn (5 a.m.!) and then went home and got some more sleep. I didn't have anything to do in the afternoon so I came to the radio station to get some work done. Shot promo pieces for the Mega Movie on the CW and then ended up being on KGUN9 On Your Side news wearing my super cool turkey hat (see previous post).

Friday brought a regular workday and live Kencast at Monsoon Nightclub for Mega. I did run into my friend Joanne and grabbed a Kenparazzi moment:

After work I made a trip to IBT's on 4th Avenue and ran into two of my friends: Andres and Jason. Time for a Kenparazzi photo! Which, after downloading the picture off of my camera today, wins the award for most unusual backdrop I have been photographed in front of this year. (For the record, none of those people's privates show on the poster behind me!)

Here's Andres and Jason with IBT's owner Mike:

And, in a shocking development, my friend Alex Aikin has returned to work there. He doesn't like it when I take his picture. Here is he running away from me as fast as he can:

I spent the rest of the weekend being lazy. I went to Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol on Saturday night and spent today doing work at home.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!