Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ken Carr is taking a vacation!

I rarely take vacations. Vacations are for wimps, right?

Ok, I'm kidding about that. But I am taking a few days off of work for a little vacation.

I'm travelling with Anth to Pine Top, Arizona to stay at the Hon-Dah Resort & Casino. I've travelled very little in Arizona and had to look up where Pine Top is. It turns out its in the northeast part of Arizona in the mountains. I'm a little apprehensive about the weather there because it's cold. And there's a little snow in the forecast while we're going to be there. I am very acclimated to warm weather these days so it'll be amazing to see if I freeze to death or not.

I'll bring my camera and my mittens. I'll have photos to share when I return. And, I'm bringing my Blackberry. Looks like I can get coverage through roaming so I'll share updates on Twitter. After all, Ken Carr taking a vacation is a rare event!