Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kenparazzi: Trip to Pinetop, Arizona

I took a vacation to Pinetop, Arizona! I went with Anth and we had lots of fun. And, it wouldn't be an event without Kenparazzi photos!

Driving north on Highway 77.

My own driving frightens me.

A little bit of Ken Carr car maintenance while stopped at a Circle K in Globe, Arizona. I wash windows!

I check my oil, too.

Now where in the hell do I put this again?

Anth and Ken Carr in our hotel room at the Hon-Dah Resort & Casino.

How does Ken Carr relax on vacation? Laying in bed reading the phone book of course.

The view out of the hotel room window.

I'm a sweater wearing ninja ready to pounce.

Little known fact: Ken Carr is the fourth Stooge.

It's soooo annoying that Marilyn Monroe tried to copy my sexy pose.

James Dean is almost as bad ass as I am.

Anth stalks Indiana Jones.

Ch-ch-ch-chillin' on a rock in the Hon-Dah Resort lobby.

We're under attack!

I face the fierce cat!

I can talk to animals. See?

Even fake snowmen get horny.

Anth and Ken Carr havin' fun!

Anth takes a shower.

Lookin' fierce in fake fur.

Does this bring out the color in my eyes?

Fireplace in the Hon-Dah Resort lobby.

The hotel parking lot.

My car gets its own Kenparazzi picture in the hotel parking lot.

We checked out of the hotel and drove about 15 miles east to go have some lunch. We encountered snow!

Since we rarely ever see snow in Tucson, we had to get to stop the car and experience the white stuff!

Throwin' a snowball!

Driving in the snow.

We ended up going to lunch in Pinetop because it was snowing pretty hard east of the hotel. Mama Bear's Restaurant was this cute little local place.

Anth duplicates Leslie's signature drinking move.

Dessert was the best part of lunch. Amazing hot fudge cake and ice cream.

We stopped on the way back to Tucson to take some photos of the amazing mountain scenery.

Anth gets silly for the Kenparazzi.


More scenery.

Noooooo! Don't jump!

We ended the weekend celebrating a fun trip and celebrating Anth's birthday with Jen. Cheers!