Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cologne overload!

I came to the radio station to do some work tonight and was sent a text message from a co-worker down the hall.

"Did you use a whole bottle of cologne today? The anchors can smell you in the studio."

The door to the TV news studio is about 20 feet from my desk. I apparently got a little carried away.

I have used the same cologne since 1997. Everyone always says I smell wonderful so I have continued to use the same kind. The only oddity is that I have used it so long I can barely smell it anymore. So I have no idea how much is too much. Sometimes I squirt it on until I can smell it a little. Today that might have been too much.

I may have helped create the best smelling newscast in southern Arizona!

By the way, I use Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottle looks like this: