Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cakes for Causes calendar signing event

Even though the move from the apartment to the house isn't quite finished, my life is returning to a little more normal of a flow. There were a couple of spare hours in my schedule this evening and I had the opportunity to help out my friends from Cakes for Causes with a calendar signing event at Midtown Bar and Grill on Speedway Blvd.

I posted a handful of weeks ago my excitement at being on the cover of the Cakes for Causes 2015 calendar. Some people have wanted a signed copy, I've been happy to oblige.

Cakes for Causes is a Tucson non-profit organization that is made up of a group of volunteers who make sweet treats for other non-profit's events.  100% of the calendar's proceeds is being used to buy the ingredients that they use to make their delicious desserts, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

While I was at Midtown, they were having a live wrestling event. The WWE style of wrestling. It was a trip to watch, they wear costumes and put on quite a show for their spectators and patrons. It wasn't quite as exciting as me signing calendars, but close.

The calendar very nice. It features recipes for a variety of baked goods, and of course, little ol' me on the cover -- which is perfect to use as the bulls eye for a dart board, as toilet paper, to line the bottom of a bird cage, or wrapping fish.

If you want a really nice calendar for 2015, you can order one that is shipped right to you for $22 ($20 for the calendar, $2 for shipping) by clicking here.

The Cakes for Causes 2015 calendar
featuring a familiar rounded headed
kid on the cover.

The signing event poster.
That may or may not
be my real body.

I looked so good on the event poster
I had to kiss myself.

The event poster and calendars
ready to be purchased.

Cakes for Causes

These lovely ladies
showed up for the signing event.

Live wrestling on the patio
at Midtown Bar and Grill.
I would have done some wrestling
but I didn't want to mess up my hair.