Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Anthony and I are in the midst of moving to the house over near Grant and Swan, so Halloween night (Friday 10/31) was full of cleaning and preparing the place we're moving to for our arrival.

However, we did dress up and attend a Halloween party on Saturday November 1.

Our costumes were "ebola infected doctors". Props to Anthony for the idea and putting it together for both of us.

I shot plenty of photos. Here's the link to the photo album of all of the pictures: Click here

Here are a few highlights:

Ebola blood is not red

I think I have a touch of the ebola

Home photo shoot where the ebola infected
doctors were still in quarantine.

Anthony looks a little too happy
to be infected with the ebola.

Shuttle ride to the party:
This is my co-worker Shane
who proved there is something
under his kilt.

Front yard of the party house

Interior shot of the party house

Interior shot

Interior shot where the bar was set up

Interior shot where clowns greeted,
more like scared,
arriving guests.

Don't axe, don't tell.

Interior shot at the party

A clown and an ebola patient
walk into a bar...

Bree, Alex, Anthony, Tommy, Holly

I may not make it to work
on Monday.
I have a touch of the ebola.
Cough cough.