Sunday, September 16, 2012

Walmart Neighborhood Market trip September 16, 2012

Today is Sunday.  That means a trip to Walmart Neighborhood Market for groceries.  Today we mixed it up by visiting the location at 22nd and Craycroft instead of our usual location at Grant and Alvernon.

Did I bring my camera?  Why, yes I did.

I Tweeted on my @whatsuptucson Twitter that I was at this store shopping and whoever runs the @walmart account Tweeted me back to thank me.  That was awesome!

Anthony grabs some sausage.

Anthony organizing coupons in the napkin department.

Somebody got violent in the frozen foods department.
No, it wasn't me.

If you have a dirty mind, you'll giggle like a ten year old... like I did.
Happy Apples are yummy!

Reminds me of that scene in Austin Powers where he meets Ben Savage's character with the rather large mole.

My dressing is great for dipping... and oh so creamy.

More of my dressing.
By the way, if your blue cheese is chunky, you may want to see a physician.

I thought my nuts were fine, but apparently they need topping.

I know when to stay out of the kitchen and let the expert grocery put-er away-er do his thing.
I took a photo of the putting awaying instead.