Monday, September 3, 2012

Lucky Wishbone and bending over at Target

I'm enjoying a three day weekend.  One thing that is still new to me working on the TV show is that we can do things like run a 'best of' show so the staff has a holiday off.  That's what we're doing today.  I've worked so many holidays and weekends in my career that its still an odd thing to have a three day weekend.  But, its a nice chance to relax a bit.

Anthony and I spent yesterday afternoon playing some bingo at Casino Del Sol.  We stopped for about 30 minutes at Desert Diamond Casino on the way home and I won about $100 on slots.  Winning is fun!

Dinner last night was a new experience.  There is a restaurant called "Lucky Wishbone" that has been around in Tucson for a number of years.  They have multiple locations around the city.  I've lived in Tucson for 11 years and never tried it until now.

If you're looking for healthy or low calorie, its not the restaurant for you.  Based on what I read on the menu, it seems most everything is deep fried.  They also don't waste any of the chicken... because you can order gizzards and liver pieces in addition to chicken fingers, plus they have steak fingers (deep fried as well).

I decided to try the safest looking thing on the menu:  A cheeseburger.  It was pretty good.  I got it with a cup of fries which were good, too.

Since the title of this blog entry is "Lucky Wishbone and bending over at Target", I can't forget the bending over...

Here's a photo of someone bending over at Target to get an item from the bottom shelf.
I'm a sneaky bastard.