Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rollover accident at Pima Street and Sahuara

Something exciting happened when I was walking Lucky tonight around Ridgepointe, the apartment complex I live at.

Normally the exciting moments are guessing where Lucky will poop or a chat with a neighbor.  Sometimes, I'll get to overhear neighbors argue when we walk by their apartment.  One night a woman didn't close her blinds before she took off her top and her pancake titties were flopping around in front of the window.  I think my eyesight is still damaged from that moment.  Tonight, it was a little bit more dramatic.

We were about a quarter of the way around the complex when I heard two really loud bangs from the southwest.  I was pretty sure it was a car accident.  I've heard that sound before.

I took Lucky back to the apartment and grabbed a camera after hearing sirens coming down Pima Street.  I knew it had to be relatively close.

It turns out it was close.  About two blocks west at Pima Street and Sahuara, next to Dodge Middle School.  I didn't get in the middle of it so the emergency crews weren't bothered by a dork who had nothing to do with the accident (me!)... but I walked over because it was something exciting.

I stood on the opposite side of the street and heard a group passing by say they couldn't believe the car rolled over and everyone walked away with little injury.  That was good to hear.

I took a few photos... (click on the pictures for a larger view)

The pickup apparently hit the car that landed in front of the school.
Tucson Fire Dept paramedics and Tucson Police were on the case.

The two vehicles involved in the crash in front of Dodge Middle School

Another photo of the accident.