Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Woman breaks ankle in front of work and Tucson Fire responds

I was alerted to a little accident scene outside of work this morning.

A woman fell on a sidewalk out near the street and broke her ankle.  Or at least sprained it.

I've posted a couple of photos below that I was able to shoot from inside of our lobby.  You can see in the top photo that she was wearing a pair of stilettos with some high heels.  Those kind of shoes are dangerous if you're not graceful.  And, I'm guessing since she bit it... she isn't graceful.  She might want to consider switching to flats.

The paramedics came to save her.  I would suspect that she was more damaged by lying on the 100+ degree pavement for 20 minutes than she was by her ankle issue.

I live for this kind of thing.

Woman down.... woman down... shoe off...ankle broken...

Tucson Fire paramedics save the day!