Saturday, August 25, 2012

My neighbor wants to burn the apartments down

One of the things about living at Ridgepointe that worries me:  fire.

There are a number of neighbors who have barbecue grills on their balconies.  This is the first complex that doesn't penalize residents for having them (and more scary, using them).  I know somebody's going to catch a building on fire one of these days.  At least I will be ready with a video camera when a dozen fire trucks show up.  It had better be a big fire when it happens so I can make some cash when my video of the incident goes viral.

Last night, a neighbor in the building to the south lit several tiki torches on his balcony.  I took a picture.

Danger Will Robinson. Danger.

The flames were twice as high when I spotted this but died down by the time I grabbed my camera.