Friday, August 17, 2012

A fake vacation at the Tucson Airport

I made a trip this week to the Tucson Airport.  I had to pick someone up that flew in for work.

I rarely take a vacation.  Going to the airport is an unusual event for me.  I really can't afford to travel.

I had to wait since the plane was delayed.  So, I made the most of the time by having a pretend vacation.  At least it seemed like it since I was at the airport.  I took photos!

Walking into the Tucson Airport from the parking lot

I was at the airport in the early afternoon.
There wasn't a lot going on.

The highlight of my fake airport vacation:
I spent one dollar to get a chair massage.
It was wonderful.

The Birders are coming! The Birders are coming!

Apparently someone from Tucson was in the Summer 2012 Olympics.
I not only had a fake airport vacation, I learned something too.