Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walmart Market, Safeway, and the search for potato salad

Anyone that has ever gone grocery shopping with me knows that its an experience.  I am on the constant lookout for new, odd, and silly products and product names.  Plus, I like to Tweet and Facebook while I'm at the store so I'm a bit distracted.  But, I'm a creative type so it goes along with my personality.

A trip to Walmart Neighborhood Market and Safeway tonight with Anthony was fun.  I found some interesting items.  I also was in search of my favorite kind of potato salad at Walmart Market and they didn't have any potato salad in stock at all.  The store at Grant and Alvernon doesn't stock enough potato salad and they are out half the time.  Its frustrating because I have to go to another store for potato salad and that was Safeway.

I found Loaded Baked Potato Salad at Safeway.  Shopping trip was a success!

And now... the photos:

They now make chocolate creme filled Twinkies.
Proof that everything is alright in the world.

This describes a lot of women I know.

When this bag gets cold it gets hard enough to cut glass.

This is apparently made for kinky citrus.

My quest for potato salad after they didn't have any at Walmart Market
became a win at Safeway... not only did they have loaded baked potato salad,
it was 50% off!

This is the largest Lean Cuisine dinner I have ever seen in my life.
I think if you actually ate a Lean Cuisine this size it wouldn't do much to make your waist smaller.

Anthony doesn't like Kenparazzi photos.
After I took this unauthorized picture at Safeway he almost threw coupons at me.