Friday, February 3, 2012

Its like I never left (almost)

I had a unique experience yesterday.

I had a meeting at Journal.  Its the place I worked at before Fox 11 and where I'll be working again starting Monday.

I think the story is extraordinary.  I had worked at Journal Tucson until October 5 of last year on 106.3 when I, along with the other members of the on-air staff, were let go.  Three weeks later I got a job working for Belo at Fox 11 as a news producer.  A few weeks after that Belo announces they were entering into a shared services agreement with Raycom that would cause my employment (and many others) to end there on January 31.  I searched for jobs and end up getting an offer from Journal.  Four months and one day later I'll be returning to work with a group I'm very familiar with.

This time I'll be working on the television side on KGUN 9 instead of radio.  And, I'll have an office instead of a cubicle.  I got the keys to it when I was there yesterday.  I am really excited to get started.

It was a lot of fun taking an hour to walk around the building saying hello to everyone I used to work with -- and will work with again.  I thought since I wasn't really working it was a good time to do it.  There were lots of hugs, handshakes, and really nice things said.  It was overwhelming, wonderful, and a unique experience.

There is an important life lesson I want to share with you that I'm reminded of as a result of what has transpired:  Do not burn bridges no matter how you may feel when something happens.

None of us really know where our next opportunity may lie.  I'm living proof.