Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Curtains" at Pima Community College

I attended the musical production of "Curtain" at Pima College's Proscenium Theatre last night put on by the Pima Performing Arts department.

Pima, the community / junior college in Tucson, has numerous campus locations and I had to Google where it's located (turned out to be on the west campus, half an hour drive to the other side of town from me) since I have only stepped foot onto one of their campuses in the 11 years I have lived in Tucson... and that's to drop off and pick up Anthony when he was tutoring there.

I went because Alex, one of the hosts on the Morning Blend, was making a cameo appearance in the production.  He asked if I could go shoot some video to air on the Blend to show off his one line of acting.

I got the video footage, he flubbed the line, and I enjoyed the musical even though I felt like ass the entire day (it was like a brief flu or something... headache, stomach ache, basically like a hangover but without the heavy drinking the night before).

Of course, this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a photo.  Cause that's what I do.