Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 2012 Winter Rain in Tucson

A cool cloudy day with rain in Tucson, Arizona... is an event.

If you are from somewhere else you probably think this is ridiculous.

This is one of the sunniest climates in America.  There are more than 200 days on average each year where clouds cover less than a third of the sky.  That puts Tucson in sixth place overall.  The least cloudy city in America is Yuma, Arizona in case you were wondering.

I put up the occasional photo of rain or clouds because its unusual.  Its mostly sunny, mostly warm compared to most cities.  Today it was 61 and rainy from morning until late afternoon.  Brrrr.

I was driving to work yesterday and a few drops hit my windshield so I grabbed my camera for a photo.  Its not terribly safe to take a picture while driving but I live dangerously.  Ahem.

Grant Road in Tucson driving west of Tucson Blvd on a grey cloudy rainy day