Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flashback: My brand new cooler

Here's a photo of my brother Mike in one of his first apartments in Kansas City.  It was around 1990 I believe.

He moved there to go to school at DeVry and there are several funny elements (to me anyway) about this picture.

He was making a twelve egg omelette.  In this photo he's cutting up potatoes.  Who is this thin and can pack away a twelve egg omelette?!

He's also wearing a t-shirt from a bar called "Caboose".  I believe that was a stolen (ok, discarded) item from his big brother Ken.

Here's the thing that really caught my eye - the cooler on the counter.  I still have it more than twenty years later!

Here's a toast to the chickens... who had to produce all those eggs.

Twelve egg omelettes - all the rage back in the day.