Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fox 11 - The Informal Gathering

A handful of people who work at Fox 11 got together to hang out and have some food and drink.  Its the last few days for this group to be together so it was fun to socialize.

I tend to take very Kenparazzi style photos at these kinds of things and this was no exception.

At Union Public House -- at Campbell Ave. and River Rd. in Tucson:

Val and Carissa eat mussels.

Val eats mussels. I take photo. The end.

Mark and Kelly.

Val and Carissa.

Kelly looks at a menu.
Lee has a mouthful of pizza.
I told you I take very Kenparazzi photos at events like this.

Three people, one thumb.

Mark, Samantha, Marcelino, Kelly.

Samantha and Marcelino.

Mark eats some really cheesy macaroni and cheese.
From left: Carissa, Kevin, Mark, Samantha.

Hey Ken, we're eating.
Stop taking photos!

Kelly eats ahi tuna.

Kelly eats tuna.
Marcelino eats macaroni and cheese.
Lee crosses his arms.

Tuna strikes fear in the heart of Karen.

One of these two people ate a forkfull of tuna.
Hint: The one on the left.

Karen eats bread that looks like poop.
Mmm. Poop.

A great group of people having a really good time.