Sunday, June 11, 2017

Return to the Tucson Airport

Anthony and his mom Patty traveled to southern California to spend a few days vacationing on Catalina Island off the coast. Since someone needs to stay home and take care of our dog Lucky, I missed out on this trip but provided transportation to the airport to drop them off and picked them up when they returned. I'm a giver.

I know a number of people who travel often and a visit to the airport is no big thing for them. I rarely travel let alone have a reason to visit the airport. When I go, it becomes an event even if it is to pick someone up who flew somewhere. It is enough of an event that I bring my camera to shoot photos.

Arriving flight 1463 from Los Angeles says it's on time on this board

I woke up my iPhone to read Twitter posts while I waited and when it logged
onto the Tucson Airport wifi, it said flight 1463 was arriving ten minutes later.
That crazy wifi has it's finger on the pulse of the skies.

This was displayed on a screen in the airport:
There's flight 1463 on the left and no wonder it's ten minutes late
because it's pointed north of the little circle that indicates where Tucson is.

Anthony and Patty will walk down these stairs when they arrive

Equipment in place to save a woman in case of a heart attack.
The men's room didn't have anything outside of it's door
except a sign that said "men"

Large crowd waiting for the arriving Los Angeles flight.
It did get larger right when the plane landed.

Anthony and Patty are back!
And, some guy carrying a guitar.