Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fun photos at work

Here's some fun photos I shot at work:

Cakes for Causes dressed up dessert for Father's Day

I shot a photo of Rene from Cakes For Causes shooting a photo of me.
Aaron doesn't even notice.

TV at it's finest: A pie in the face

Your prayer was answered.
You got a pie in the face, too.

On the left: Five pounds of muscle
On the right: Five pounds of fat
Photobomb: A guest's festive sock

Borderlands Brewing Co showed what they're bringing
to Brew At The Zoo

Jed from Reid Park Zoo brought us a fennec fox
while Tina wished the show was over so she could eat lunch

Tina reads a script from the teleprompter
while Krystal does an excellent Ken Carr impression

Staff lunch to welcome the station's new news director

Hungry co-workers dive right in.
The end.