Sunday, November 17, 2013

Apartments 242 and 243 need a mute button

Everywhere I've ever lived, there is always one neighbor who doesn't give a rat's ass about those who live around them.  This issue is usually greater in apartment complexes because so many people live in close proximity to one another.

Living at Ridgepointe has been pretty good for the most part.  It's a pretty quiet complex and that's one of it's best assets.  But, there always seems to be one neighbor within earshot or eyeshot who has to make late night parties and being noisy a constant irritant.

The last one that caused that problem moved early this year and I thought there would be a chance that would last for a while but my luck isn't that good.

The people that live in apartments 242 and 243, which are two buildings over with one on the ground floor and one on the second floor above it, keep throwing these noisy parties deep into the night every couple of weeks.  They open all their windows, play fairly loud music (last night I got to see a 60 year old woman attempt to dance to "What Does The Fox Say", and I am still suffering from blindness), and then they are out on their patio until 3 or 4 a.m. and don't talk quietly while drinking.  There's lots of yelling and it's getting annoying.

Their saving grace from not having me call the police is that they are two buildings away and the walls here are just thick enough that I can't hear them inside.  Although I'll admit, it would give me great pleasure to request officers to pay them a visit so they get a red tag.  (A red tag is a violation of the party/noise ordinance in Tucson where you get fined and have to place a big red tag in your window or on your door for a minimum of six months).

Unfortunately security here is worthless (and I don't think they come around on the weekends) so it will take a call to police to put their parties on mute.

Parties at apartment complexes are for indoors so you have the least chance of bothering other people, otherwise these two apartments should pool their money and move to a house.

Yup, I'm getting old.

Apartments 242 and 243 at Ridgepointe
This was shot from my balcony two buildings away
They've already decorated for Christmas but their loud parties
have me saying "bah humbug".