Saturday, November 16, 2013

Anthony's 30th birthday

Anthony turned 30, the big three-oh, hit another decade, blah blah blah... yesterday.

I bought him a musical card that says "You're not old until the fat lady sings" on the front, and when it's opened has an opera singer holding a long note with a picture of a large woman inside.  I gave him cash, because he needs that more than anything right now.  I also got him a DVD of "The Conjuring".  He told me he wanted to see that movie so now he owns it.

I was going to get him a cake.  But, he bought himself one the day before his birthday.  My feelings were hurt a little because I felt that he didn't think I'd get him one.  He insists it was a random purchase.  He does things like that sometimes.  I end up having to believe what he says.  I don't think he does it intentionally, it just ends up being odd.

I bought dinner last night at Zinburger, a fancy hamburger restaurant near where we live.  That is where Anthony wanted to go for his birthday.  60 bucks for a couple of burgers and fries.  It was a good dinner, except that where I was sitting was right next to a door leading to the patio of the restaurant and every two minutes it opened with wait staff and customers going in and out and it blew cold wind in my face.  It was like eating dinner in a random high wind storm.

My grandpa used to say about birthdays "I survived another year".  That is worth celebrating for anyone.

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Anthony the birthday boy with his gifts

The fat lady inside the card sang to him

"The Conjuring" DVD

Anthony was hungry at Zinburger

The Samburger at Zinburger
I ordered it with Kobe beef, and it came with cheese, bacon, and Thousand Island dressing
It was so soggy that I ate the second half with a fork

Anthony and his burger at Zinburger
(I gave him my pickles)

The birthday cake Anthony bought himself that he hid in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator
He nicknamed the conversation we had about it "cake-gate"