Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kenparazzi: Car show at the TCC Sept 4 2010

I'm a little slow in getting these put up (how about a month... sheesh!)

I did a live broadcast at the Tucson Convention Center for a car show and took a few photos.

With Wilma Wildcat, one of the mascots for the University of Arizona athletic teams:

Atrevete. A simulation of lack of gravity.

People walking around.

The 3 dollar soda I bought.  It wasn't worth the price but I was damn thirsty.

Cars, cars, cars (and some trucks and motorcycles):

Border Patrol Hummer.

Now THIS is a limo!

Live band stage.

Classic Budweiser delivery truck.

Knight Rider stunt vehicles.

A-Team stunt van.

More cars...