Monday, September 6, 2010

Kenparazzi: MDA Telethon 2010 in Tucson

I am a co-host again this year of the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon on KGUN 9 TV.

I'm on two days this year.  In the past its been one.  Its a privelege to help out with MDA's fundraising and work with the talent who work on television every day from KGUN 9.  The Sunday segments I shared with KGUN 9's Guy Atchley, Jennifer Waddell, and Larry Schneble who has been on the MDA telethon in Tucson since the late 1960's.

Some behind the scenes Kenparazzi photos:

The set:

I finally met Erica Hersh, who I'm buddies with on Twitter and Facebook!  She volunteers for MDA.

Photos of some of the kids who appear on the telethon:

Some of the hard working folks who validate view pledges:

Wide view of the set at the Hilton East hotel ballroom on Broadway near Pantano:

Side / interview set:

More of the set and the volunteers working the phone bank:

This girl was adorable and she rang the "Muscle Bell".

KGUN 9's Guy Atchley in a sombrero that may have been just a little too small.  Ole'!